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Latest Domus News

Latest Industry News Added to Dashboard

Easily keep an eye on the latest property industry news from within Domus. We have just added an industry news panel to the dashboard which is powered by Property Industry Eye.

  • Live feed from Property Industry Eye
  • Easily viewable from Domus dashboard
  • Clicks through to full news items

Material Information and Other Features

We have released a range of great new features to help improve property listings and support the new Trading Standards guidelines.

Property Material Information Update

Part A of the Trading Standards guidelines states that you need to include information about all “unavoidable costs” on your listings to help home movers make an informed decision about a property by understanding its true cost.

To support these guidelines and based on customer feedback we have added the following fields to a property:

  • Number of bathrooms
  • EPC renewal date
  • Council tax band
  • Deposit
  • Annual ground rent
  • Annual service charge
  • Tenure years left

The Rightmove real time feed has been updated with the new information and the log report improved. Go to Admin, Portal Realtime Datafeed to see the report.

Overnight portal feeds have been updated with new information and the photo limit has been increased to 30 photos.

Client Login Update

We have updated the client login app to have a more modern and consistent look and feel.

It is now also easier to add your corporate branding for a great personalised look.

Other Features

In conjunction with the EPC renewal date, there is a new EPC Renewals reminder list and the reminder list layout has been improved.

You can now add insurance products to your account, please contact our support team to arrange this.

Sync Your Domus Diary to Outlook, iOS and Other Apps

You can now sync your Domus diary to Outlook Desktop, Apple Calendar, Thunderbird and other diary applications.

This means if you add or change an appointment in Domus it will be automatically updated in your external diary.

You can subscribe to your Domus Diary in just a few easy steps. We have added instructions for all the major diary applications here:

Click image to enlarge

Boomin Feed Now Active

We have just added a nightly feed to Boomin which is a new property portal. With their impressive marketing and features Boomin have been generating a lot of attention in the market lately.

Powered by genuine innovation and technology, Boomin is a portal that connects agents and their customers in a modern, more meaningful way.

Joining Boomin is free until 31 March 2022, with no long-term commitment. You can subscribe and find out more at

Domus Facelift Now Live

We have just upgraded Domus to be smartphone and tablet friendly, this also includes an improved look and feel which is more user friendly to navigate around.

Check our our preview below:

Contacting Customer Support During the Covid-19 Outbreak

Due to the current coronavirus outbreak and recent government advice Domus support will be self isolating over the coming weeks however we are still available on and we will also be monitoring the answerphones during normal working hours. Domus Software will still be running as normal with no interruptions to service.

On behalf of the Domus staff we wish you all the best during these uncertain times.

Edit Your Email Notification Templates

We have now added in the capability to edit your confirmation email templates from within the admin section in Domus. Confirmation emails can be sent out automatically when you save a viewing, valuation or appointment from your Domus diary. This is particularly useful if you want to change the general wording or if you wish to use our new confirmation email branding product.


How Emails Are Sent From Domus

Domus allows companies to send millions of emails to their customers which is a significant undertaking, and one that we take seriously. Recently we changed the mechanism by which we send event notifications and match emails.


Email systems are getting more and more restrictive on the email that they will accept from Software as a Service (Saas) suppliers like us that send out lots of emails on behalf of our clients.  We used to send out emails as if you yourself had sent them, but this makes us more and more liable to have our mail server blacklisted as they think we are 'faking' your email address. 

In addition, not all of our customers are managing their email addresses well so they leave in addresses even though they never work.  Every 'bounced' email affects our sending email reputation and makes it more likely that we will get blacklisted.

In order to mitigate the above effects we have made two changes to the way that we send Match Emails and Event Notifications:

  • Emails are sent from the address
  • We capture and monitor all bounced emails on your behalf and if they are deemed invalid we mark the customer record so that no more emails can be sent to that address.

If you wish to know more about this in detail, please read the full article below. Be warned - this is a fairly technical topic so take a deep breath.

New Website Layouts

Looking for a new website or to upgrade your existing layout? We have just released four eye catching new website layouts.

What do you get?

  • Hosted by us and integrated with your Domus account
  • Clean, modern and fast loading design options
  • Colour matched to your logo and branding
  • Responsive - Smartphone and tablet friendly

New Layouts & Pricing

New PDF Property Brochures

Looking to add PDF property brochures to your package or upgrade what you already have? We have just added four brand new layouts for you to choose from.

What do you get?

  • Customised to match your branding and colours
  • Generated on-the-fly for every property
  • Can double up as a window card in addition to being a brochure
  • Pages automatically adapt to the data you input in Domus

New Layouts & Pricing